Bruno Pinto's Archive




The Bruno Pinto Archive is managed by the Cultural Association “APS BRUNO PINTO ETS” born in 2018 by the will of his wife Gianna Poli Pinto and by his daughter Bianca Maria Pinto in order to protect, promote and disseminate knowledge of the artist’s work and creations.

The Association care for the archiving of his pieces and historical material, publications related to exhibitions, events and press reviews, photographic material and letters. Ensure the preservation of this material and make it available for consultation, for study purposes, at its premises. It collaborates in the realization of exhibitions, catalogues and other cultural initiatives.

Archiving is finalized to the editing of the General Catalogue as a tool of documentary, philological and historical reconstruction of the artist’s work.

Currently the Association’s staff consists of a Board of Directors with President Bianca Maria Pinto, Vice President Eva Carbonchi, Secretary Gianna Poli Pinto and the Founding Members: Ilaria Pietrafesa, Paolo Zignone, Petazzoni Chiara Florinda, Genovese Francesco Giuseppe.

In addition to the Board of Directors there is a Committee of Consultants, which includes his daughter Pinto Bianca Maria and his wife Gianna Poli Pinto already present in the Board of Directors together with specialists in the world of art, experts in the sector and more specifically in the activity and production of the Master Bruno Pinto:

Valerio Dehò, Critico e Storico dell'Arte

Fabio Sgarzi, Imprenditore e Collezionista

Jean Soldini, Filosofo e Storico dell'Arte

Roberto Cerè, Fotografo,Videomaker, Direttore rivista WEB di arte locale




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