Lorenza Miretti, 2015

“[…] Conclusion is not a familiar concept to Bruno Pinto […] Every work of Pinto, rather than marking an end point, a precise point of arrival, represents a temporary moment within a dialogue, in constant evolution, between the painter himself and the world, or better, between all the selves of the painter occurring in time and in the world. Under these premises, talking about “last production” turns out to be quite limiting, as we are standing in front of a meditative and creative continuum in which the negation of the ended is not only transposed into unended, but also into endless: as the evolution of thought, also the elaboration of painting has no end. The concept of Never-ending cannot but evoke the dimension of the divine through opposition to the finiteness of man, so that Pinto’s work becomes also a contemplative operation and a symbol of the confrontation/encounter between the self and God and his painting tension continues towards a dimension that is other or beyond.

Lorenza Miretti, "Difficile chiamarli semplicemente ultimi", Mete, 9, no.3 (Bologna 2015), pp. 84-86