Short Biography

Bruno Pinto is born in Rome on 20th August 1935 and dies in Sasso Marconi (Bologna) on the 24th of November, 2018.

He is inconsistent in his class attendance, and learns about painting and graphic design thanks to his master, Francesco Cretara, artist and director of the “Convitto Scuola della Rinascita” in Rome.

In 1955, some of his etchings are exhibited at the Quadrennial of Rome and are acquired by the National Calcografia of Rome.

After different experiences, Pinto starts working as advertising and commercial artist at the American Advertising Agency. He journeys long between London and Paris, where he gets in touch with artists such as Henry Moore and Gino Severini.

In the early Sixties, Pinto leaves his painting activity to start a new experience in a community set in the countryside between Arezzo and Anghiari, together with some friends of him, like Manfredi Lanza, Sandro Baldini and with his brother Enrico, artist and goldsmith.

After the edifying experience of “la Valle”, he is invited to move in the surrounding of Bologna, at Monteveglio Abbey, by Giuseppe Dossetti, a Catholic jurist and politician who took part at the work of the Constituent Assembly.

In 1966 Bruno Pinto returns to painting, by creating “Il Ceppo”, the actual turning point of his poetry.

It is Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti the one who organizes in 1971 his first Solo Painting Exhibition at “La Strozzina” of Palazzo Strozzi in Florence; the same will be duplicated the following year at the Centre for Visual Art of Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara and at the Foundation Querini Stampalia of Venezia.

Between the 1980 and the 1982 he lives in New York, hosted by the sculptor Mark di Suvero; here he achieves a Solo Personal Exhibition at the Sutton Gallery. In 1992 he conceives a great anthology at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande in Bologna and the following year at Forni Tendenze Gallery. Hereafter, his works are purchased by important public collections.

In 2003 the Modern Art Gallery of Bologna devoted him a major retrospective, curated by Peter Weiermaier. Mazzotta Foundation hosts his retrospective in 2005, while during the same year the Bruno Grossetti Gallery of Milan decides to exhibit his works at Arte Fiera in Bologna.

Two outstanding Solo Personal Exhibitions shall be recalled: one in Palazzo Ducale of Pavullo (Modena) and the second in 2015 at MAMbo of Bologna, realized in 1966 to celebrate the donation from by Lorenzo Sassoli de’ Bianchi of his main work “Il Ceppo” to the permanent collection of the museum.

Artist, writer and philosopher, Bruno Pinto Artist had relationships and correspondences with personalities of the global culture, from Omar Calabrian to Voskovic Rojo, from Elemire Zolla to Julius Evola, and from Massimo Cacciari to Jean Soldini.